Women’s Health Update for GPs


CPD Points: 22

This huge course pack contains 15 lectures across a wide range of women’s health topics such as common infections, cardiovascular disease prevention, advance in contraception, transgender patients, understanding central sensitisation syndromes and breast cancer screening.


Course Description

This course contains the following topics:

  • Well-Woman Visits in 2018: How Should We Approach Cervical Cancer Screening and Routine Pelvic Examinations? – George F. Sawaya, MD
  • Prevention of Common Infections in Women: Best Practices in Vaccination – Lisa Winston, MD
  • Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in Women: Current Guidelines for Hypertension, Lipids, and Aspirin – Robert B. Baron, MD, MS
  • Preventing, Recognizing, and Managing Opiate Use Disorders – Katherine Julian, MD
  • Updates in Contraception: Advances in Technical and Interpersonal Care – Christine E. Dehlendorf, MD,MAS
  • Current Concepts in Caring for Transgender Patients – Maddie Deutsch, MD, MPH
  • Current Strategies for Menopause Management – Judith M.E. Walsh, MD, MPH
  • Understanding Central Sensitization Syndromes: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pelvic Pain, and Painful Bladder Syndrome – Molly Heublein, MD
  • Updates in Breast Cancer Screening – Karla M. Kerlikowske, MD
  • Best Practices in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia – Bruce J. Miller, MD
  • Cutting-edge Genetics, Made Easy – Mary E. Norton, MD
  • Gynecologic Cancers in the Age of Precision Medicine – Lee-may Chen, MD
  • Management of Obesity: Diet, Drugs, and Surgery – Michelle Guy, MD
  • Common Sports Injuries in Women – Carlin Senter, MD
  • Current and Emerging Strategies for Osteoporosis – Douglas C. Bauer, MD

What you will learn

Those who complete the entire program should be able to:

  • Discuss and implement new guidelines for women for prevention and early detection of cancer with clinical exams, pap tests, genetic tests, and diagnostic imaging
  • Discuss and implement new guidelines for women to prevent infectious diseases with vaccines, screening, and counseling
  • Discuss and implement current guidelines for women to prevent cardiovascular diseases with treatment of hypertension, lipid disorders, and aspirin
  • Diagnose and treat common and controversial problems in women’s health including osteoporosis, menopause, fibromyalgia, obesity, cognitive impairment, sports injuries, and allergies
  • Counsel patients about new developments in genetic testing
  • Understand new treatment options for women with gynecologic cancers
  • Counsel patients about treatment options in contraception
  • Provide comprehensive health care for transgender patients
  • Select the best diagnostic tests; Evaluate and prescribe new medications
  • Utilize optimal strategies to enhance value in medical practice
  • Advocate for quality health care services for women