Sports Medicine for GPs


CPD Points: 22

This course pack comprises 11 lectures on heat illness, nutrition and hydration, dermatology, female athletes, lumbar and tendon injury, concussion, spinal and facial injury, non-operative knee treatment, pain management and sports injury in children.


Course Description

This course contains the following topics:

Heat Illness in Athletes – Jessica Juntunen, MD
Sports Nutrition and Hydration – Jessica Juntunen, MD
Sports Dermatology and Sports Infections – Jessica Juntunen, MD
The Female Athlete – Emily Casey, MD
Lumbar and Sacroiliac Pain – Cherie Miner, MD
Tendon Injuries and Regenerative Medicine Treatments  – Ricardo Colberg, MD, DABPMR
Sports Concussions – Ricardo Colberg, MD, DABPMR
Cervical Spine Injuries And Facial Injuries – Isaac Miller, MD
Non-operative Evaluation and Treatment of the Knee – Jose’ Ortega, MD
Environmental Sport Injuries – Isaac Miller, MD
Abdominal and Genitourinary Injuries in Sports– Isaac Miller, MD
Pain Management in Athletes– Ricardo Colberg, MD, DABPMR
Paediatric Injuries in Sports Medicine– Isaac Miller, MD

What you will learn

Those who complete the entire program should be able to:

  • Recognize injuries, evaluate athletes, and interpret x-rays and MRIs
  • Evaluate patient’s history, injury mechanism, and perform physical exams for an accurate diagnosis
  • Understand risk factors for athletes for a variety of activities
  • Prescribe preventative measures to reduce injury risk