General Surgery: Specialist Cardiac Surgery


CPD Points: 10

This course focused on the study of cardiovascular surgery, comparing techniques, equipment, and drugs used in cardiology and describing implications for clinical practice.


Course Description

There are 6 lectures contained in this course:

  • Aortic Surgery – Mark Song, MD
  • Everything but the Aorta – Rajeev Dayal, MD
  • Physiology and Metabolism in Vascular Diseases – Rajeev Dayal, MD
  • Blood Clotting: Not Enough or Too Much – David L. Diuguid, MD
    Cardiac Physiology – The Heart is Not a Simple Pump – Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS
  • Critical Issues in the SICU – Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS
  • How to Improve Scores on ABS Multiple Choice Examinations – Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS

What you will learn

Those who complete the entire program should be able to:

  • Discuss recommendations for the post-operative management of AF including rate and rhythm control
  • Analyse the current pharmacotherapy, interventional and surgical management options for patients with cardiac diseases
  • Evaluate secondary prevention strategies to optimise long term health outcomes
  • Diagnose and manage common procedural complications
  • Discuss the need for cardiovascular focused clinical assessment and diagnostic procedures
  • Develop a greater understanding of the anatomy, pathophysiology and treatment options for vascular surgical disorders by open or endovascular means.