General Surgery: Specialist Cardiac Surgery


RACGP ID: 191930
CPD Points: 10

This course focused on the study of cardiovascular surgery, comparing techniques, equipment, and drugs used in cardiology and describing implications for clinical practice.

Describe current updates in the management and treatment of patients in specialist practice
Apply knowledge of the most recent and pertinent developments in specialist practice to daily practice
Incorporate evidence-based guidelines for preventive medicine and standard of care to improve patient outcomes

Course Description

There are 6 lectures contained in this course:

  • Aortic Surgery – Mark Song, MD
  • Everything but the Aorta – Rajeev Dayal, MD
  • Physiology and Metabolism in Vascular Diseases – Rajeev Dayal, MD
  • Blood Clotting: Not Enough or Too Much – David L. Diuguid, MD
    Cardiac Physiology – The Heart is Not a Simple Pump – Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS
  • Critical Issues in the SICU – Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS
  • How to Improve Scores on ABS Multiple Choice Examinations – Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS

What you will learn

Those who complete the entire program should be able to:

  • Discuss recommendations for the post-operative management of AF including rate and rhythm control
  • Analyse the current pharmacotherapy, interventional and surgical management options for patients with cardiac diseases
  • Evaluate secondary prevention strategies to optimise long term health outcomes
  • Diagnose and manage common procedural complications
  • Discuss the need for cardiovascular focused clinical assessment and diagnostic procedures
  • Develop a greater understanding of the anatomy, pathophysiology and treatment options for vascular surgical disorders by open or endovascular means.