Pneumonia and Infectious Diseases

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RACGP ID: 195122
CPD Points: 12

This pack comprises of presentations that enables General Practitioners to better understand Infectious Diseases, adult infections, imported diseases and associated vaccines. There are 6 lectures in this pack.

Describe current updates in the management and treatment of patients with infectious diseases and community acquire pneumonia and respiratory illnesses
Apply knowledge of the most recent and pertinent developments in internal medicine and general medicine to daily practice
Incorporate evidence-based guidelines for preventive medicine and standard of care to improve patient outcomes

Course Description

The course contains lectures on the following topics:

  • Infection in the Immunocompromised Host – Sarah P Hammond MD
  • Adult Immunization – Lindsey R Baden MD
  • Pneumonia and Other Respiratory Tract Infections – Michael Klompas MD MPH
  • Infectious Disease Take-Home Messages and Clinical Pearls – James H Maguire MD
  • Infectious Disease Board Review – Todd B Ellerin MD
  • Mechanical Ventilation Basics to Advanced Concepts – Kathleen J Haley MD


Once complete you will:

  • Be able to define imported illnesses and review resources available in caring for a patient with a suspected imported illness.
  • Understand what the six routine adult immunizations are and what are special and ultra special vaccines
  • Diagnose MRSA infections and treatment options
  • Understand the basics techniques for mechanical ventilation of a patient