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Specialist General Surgery Part 2

The course is designed to expand your knowledge and capabilities as a surgeon through a review of new developments, medical guidelines and therapeutic options including non-conventional approaches. Highly focused case-based reviews are designed to increase competency in the areas most covered. There are 15 lectures contained in this course:

  1. Burns and Basics of Plastic Surgery - Robert T. Grant, MD
  2. Orthopedic Surgery for the General Surgeon - Robert J. Strauch, MD
  3. Pediatric Surgery Part 1 & 2 - Steven Styllianos, MD
  4. What You Need to Know About Melanoma and Sarcoma - Bret Taback, MD
  5. Small Bowel - Anthony Vine, MD
  6. What the General Surgeon Needs to Know About the Lungs, Mediastinum, and Thoracoscopy - Mark D. Widmann, MD
  7. Operating Room Safety - Gregory F. Dakin, MD
  8. Anatomy that Matters (Even if you Never Operate in Those Areas) - Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS
  9. Basics of Head and Neck Surgery for the Surgeons Who Operate on the Belly - Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS
  10. Medical Ethics and the Government and the Surgeon - Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS
    Principles of Anesthesia for the General Surgeon - Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS
  11. Respiratory Physiology: Breathing is Not Enough - Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS
  12. Surgical Infections - Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS
  13. The Spleen and the Surgeon and Surgical Nutrition - Warren D. Widmann, MD, FACS
    Gastric Benign and Malignant - Yanghee Woo, MD
  14. Geriatric Surgery: Making Surgical Interventions in the Golden Years Safer - Michael M. Zenilman, MD
  15. Hernia - Linda Zhang, MD
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